Author: Josh Wells

Midwest Whitetail Shed Hunting

As winter loosens its grip and the snow recedes, signs of a new season begin to appear.   New anticipation that is lined with excitement revives our souls as deer enthusiasts.   Shed hunting is the light at the end of winters tunnel. During the off-season winter months, the bucks we perused, never seen, and even the bucks we didn’t know existed, begin leaving behind a little piece of themsel...Read More

Ice Out Bluegill

The ice is off the lakes and your ice fishing gear is back in the shed.   There’s no sense in waiting for better days.   Get that boat cleaned off and in the water! Ice out can be one of the best times to target bluegill.   Without the ice darkening their world bluegill begin seeking warm water with bountiful forage. Schools of bluegill will leave their deep water haunts and stage up at the ...Read More