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Fishing for Atlantic salmon in the Miramichi River

Stories of Atlantic salmon that press anglers to their limits are what draw in people from around the world to the legendary Miramichi River.

As host of the Canadian documentary The Dimestore Angler, I have had the chance to check out some actually amazing neighborhoods in Canada. Regularly, I am asked which communities boast the very best fishing experiences. Whenever people tell me they enjoy Atlantic salmon fly-fishing, I constantly recommend visiting Miramichi, New Brunswick. The legend and lore of the Miramichi River are understood the world over.

When travelling to Miramichi, it is essential to understand what type of Atlantic salmon fishing to get ready for. There are various seasons when the salmon are various in look, size and strength. An angler has to release different methods to capture them.In the spring

, the salmon have been wintering in the river and when they swim towards the ocean they are depleted having utilized up their winter season fat shops. The appearance of the fish is black or discoloured grey. Some fish even have white spots on them. They are really starving.

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Jim Hoey

in a canoe on the Miramichi River Jim Hoey We made our first trip to Miramichi to experience the”black”fishing in the spring of 2007. We traversed the water with a guide who was well-informed and experienced. We captured a variety of salmon that surpassed 32 inches.Anglers travel on the

rivers in New Brunswick predominately by canoe. We would get near to the side of the river banks where much deeper water ran and cast our lines downstream at 45º angles, letting our flies swing into the present and the waiting salmon.In the summer season, the magnificent trees present bright green

everywhere you look. By mid-July, a number of the salmon have gone back to the river from the ocean appearing intense chrome silver. One unique journey had us fish with Donnie Beak for”brights”, as they are understood. Donnie brought his 34 years of assisting experience with him.The design of wader fishing is casting upstream with dry flies at 45º angles in order to attempt and ‘rise ‘the

fish. I cast my line for hours before Donnie carefully asked if he could make an idea. He asked me to cast right out and strongly pull my fly off the water. As I hard removed the fly off the water I saw all of the fish in the pool begin to increase. A few of them were between 15 and 20 pounds. I was shocked. What followed was a wonderful afternoon of incredible fishing for beaming silver Atlantics.In the fall, purple, orange, brown and yellow leaves that embellish the superb riverbanks appear to transform the fish. Magically the Atlantic salmon’s colour ends up being that of their landscape.


These fish take on long casts into much deeper runs of 4 to five feet of water when the damp fly swings into the window that opens on the surface of the water above them. Throughout among my journeys to the Miramichi in the fall, I wader-fished with a wonderful buddy Betty Ward. She led us to some special reaches on the river. It wasn’t till we pertained to a public pool on the 3rd day when our effort paid off and we caught and landed two magnificent Atlantics. Her understanding of the river was quite remarkable.The memories are so extremely powerful for me. I get excited to consider a Canadian angler getting to experience this river for the first time. When I close my eyes and reflect on my experiences on the magnificent Miramichi, I can smell the difference in the river for each time of the year I have gone to. Individuals are entirely their own and the fishing for Atlantics is, rather basically, the extremely best.

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