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Dry Fly Rig Types

Basic Dry Fly Rigs The rigs fly fishermen use are as unique as the individuals casting the rods, but there are a few common setups which have stood the test of time and are relevant to most trout fishing situations. The old standby and the rig most of us began our fishing journey with is the tried and true Dry Fly rig. Greater joy can rarely be had then that of watching a trout come to the surface...Read More

Streamer Basics

STREAMERS: What, When, and How? Depending on your fishing circle the word Streamer can be used with enthusiasm or in detest. Some fly fisherman wouldn’t go to the water without a Streamer and others rather not fish than use one. Regardless, those who use Streamers love them and I personally believe anyone should give them a try. What exactly is a Streamer? The definition of a Streamer seems to alw...Read More

Keep Your Waders in Tip Top Condition with These Easy to Follow Steps

For many Fly Fisherman waders are an essential piece of equipment. This is the ins and outs of taking care of the gear that keeps us warm and dry. Getting the Right Fit: In our shop we take wader-fitting very seriously. Having the proper fit isn’t just to make sure you look attractive on the water nor is it just to make sure you feel comfortable. An important aspect of ensuring the longest life po...Read More

The Wide World of Weight

It is said and repeated, The difference between a good fisherman and a great fisherman is one split-shop.” I would, and have, staked my career on the truth of this adage. You might also hear, Go deep or go home, but rarely do people expand their advice to include how. While developing the skill to drop a fly at exactly the right depth at precisely the right time may take years to perfect, some of ...Read More