Why a World Class Walleye Lake is Catch-and-Release Only in 2017

One of North America’s largest lakes, Mille Lacs Lake in Minnesota, has been deemed catch-and-release only for 2017. Along with the new regulation, walleye fishing will be completely closed from July 7 to July 27. The new restrictions come in response to an outstanding season of ice fishing on Mille Lacs, where officials estimate that 1/3 of the “total amount of walleye state anglers can harvest” were removed from the lake. It makes this the second year in a row, and only the second time in modern history, that the summer walleye season will be catch-and-release only. The three-week closure li...Read More

Look Up! Campsite Sky Gazing this Summer!

The days of long, lingering sunlight are finally upon us! We can’t wait to get outside and play in the sunshine but you can’t deny that one of the best and awe-inspiring things about camping is seeing that night sky lit up like millions of diamonds and wishing upon shooting stars blazing over the treetops. Getting away from city lights and seeing the Milky Way puts everything into perspective. The sky is captivating on any clear night across the country but there are a few celestial events that shouldn’t be missed this summer! When Star Gazing is the Best! This summer’s full moons are: June 9 ...Read More

Fishing for Atlantic salmon in the Miramichi River

Stories of Atlantic salmon that press anglers to their limits are what draw in people from around the world to the legendary Miramichi River. As host of the Canadian documentary The Dimestore Angler, I have had the chance to check out some actually amazing neighborhoods in Canada. Regularly, I am asked which communities boast the very best fishing experiences. Whenever people tell me they enjoy Atlantic salmon fly-fishing, I constantly recommend visiting Miramichi, New Brunswick. The legend and lore of the Miramichi River are understood the world over. When travelling to Miramichi, it is essen...Read More

Why Archery Hunting Turkeys is Damn Near Impossible

Looking for a challenge this spring? Try archery turkey hunting, which is so difficult thanks to their eyes, ears, legs and wings.  In my home state of South Dakota, archery antelope hunting is the greatest challenge a sportsman can take on. They’re fast, they have great eye sight, and they live on terrain that plays to their strengths. For proof, look to hunter harvest rates, which hovers around 22% for the ten-year average in the Rushmore State. The next hardest hunt, as indicated by harvest statistics, is archery turkey, which is barely over 30%. Antelope seem far superior to turkey as a sp...Read More

Duck Naked: The Perfect Roast Duck

Much like the proverbial skinned feline, there are many ways to roast a duck. A lot of people like it low and slow, as in an hour or more in a 300˚ oven. Yes, this turns out a glorious looking bird, but one that is inevitably overcooked, in which the meat is gray with that livery taste that turns off so many duck hunters. Instead, I take a page from Russell Chatham’s classic essay “The Great Duck Misunderstanding,” wherein he illustrates the need for a very hot oven, fast cooking time and eating ducks as close to rare as you can stand. I stand by Chatham’s words.   “All game, especially wild d...Read More

Turkey Preparation

While some hunters are currently on family vacations, spring break, at Disney or somewhere hopefully warm, we can’t forget that spring turkey season is upon us.  Turkey in most states are still bunched up, unless you’re in the south where the season has started or is about to open.   Now is the time to get ready. I’ll save my thoughts on scouting for another day, and concentrate here on equipment.   If you’re a gun hunter, your first thought should be on the performance of your shotgun. It is critical that you’re familiar with the way your gun patterns specific loads at 20, 30, and 40 yards. L...Read More

Dry Fly Rig Types

Basic Dry Fly Rigs The rigs fly fishermen use are as unique as the individuals casting the rods, but there are a few common setups which have stood the test of time and are relevant to most trout fishing situations. The old standby and the rig most of us began our fishing journey with is the tried and true Dry Fly rig. Greater joy can rarely be had then that of watching a trout come to the surface and attack or sip a dry fly off the surface of the water. The visual is so intense and the adrenalin so immense that many fisherman refuse to fish by any other means. The Basic Dry Rig, or throwing a...Read More

Streamer Basics

STREAMERS: What, When, and How? Depending on your fishing circle the word Streamer can be used with enthusiasm or in detest. Some fly fisherman wouldn’t go to the water without a Streamer and others rather not fish than use one. Regardless, those who use Streamers love them and I personally believe anyone should give them a try. What exactly is a Streamer? The definition of a Streamer seems to always be expanding. Especially now with the popularity of micro streamers. Roughly speaking, a streamer is a fly used to mimic aquatic prey which are not insects. These flies mimic a score of creatures,...Read More

Poppin Deer Burgers

Poppin Deer Burgers 3 lbs ground deer meat 1/2 lb bacon, minced 2 fresh seeded jalapeños, minced 1 packet French Onion Soup mix 1 tsp salt 1 tsp pepper 2 tsp granulated garlic 1 cup water Cooking Instructions: Add all ingredients in a bowl and mix together until well blended.  Form into 6oz – 7oz patties and place on hot grill.  Cook to desired temperature. Note: the best way to cook these are over a charcoal grill with some mesquite or hickory chips added.  

Keep Your Waders in Tip Top Condition with These Easy to Follow Steps

For many Fly Fisherman waders are an essential piece of equipment. This is the ins and outs of taking care of the gear that keeps us warm and dry. Getting the Right Fit: In our shop we take wader-fitting very seriously. Having the proper fit isn’t just to make sure you look attractive on the water nor is it just to make sure you feel comfortable. An important aspect of ensuring the longest life possible out of a pair of waders is a proper fit. If waders are too snug over the knees or at the foot extra pressure will constantly be put on the seams. These seams will eventually open up and no one ...Read More

The Wide World of Weight

It is said and repeated, The difference between a good fisherman and a great fisherman is one split-shop.” I would, and have, staked my career on the truth of this adage. You might also hear, Go deep or go home, but rarely do people expand their advice to include how. While developing the skill to drop a fly at exactly the right depth at precisely the right time may take years to perfect, some of the mystery to this skill can be reveal by just understanding the different tools used to drown a fly. Weighted Flies The simplest way to control the depth of a fly is the fly itself. The materials th...Read More

4 Common Bear Myths Busted!

  Few animals in North America have inspired as much lore and misunderstanding as the bear. Both Black Bears and Brown Bears/Grizzlies are subject of innumerable stories and legends, and inspire a torrent of advice on everything from how to hunt them to how to defend yourself from a marauding attack. Fortunately, as in many stories, the reality of hunting bears is significantly less dubious than what you might hear. Here are 4 common myths about bear hunting that I hear on a regular basis, and my experience directly contradicts them.   Myth #1: Bears are tough (or nearly impossible) ...Read More

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