3 Tips for Tracking Wounded Bears

With spring bear season just over the horizon, there are many hunters chomping at the bit to get back out in the woods after a long winter. Bears are different than other animals like deer and elk in many ways, especially after the shot. Although general good tracking and blood-trailing principles are still just as valid, there are some key differences. Taking to the field, you want to give yourself the best chance of recovering even poorly hit animals. Over the years, I’ve tracked and recovered a lot of bears, even poorly hit bears. There are 3 key things I take into consideration to find a b...Read More

Getting the Most Out of Your Trail Camera

It’s a safe assumption that almost every outdoorsman and woman owns at least 1 trail camera these days.  And boy has the industry come a long way in game trail monitoring.  Consider that 30-years-ago the string Trail Timer was introduced. This little gadget used a string across the trail that, when tripped, would register the date and time that a deer walked past.  Today, there are numerous companies offering trail cameras that take pictures, video – in black and white or color, infrared, and even wireless cameras that will send pictures to your email or cell phone! I feel trail cameras, if us...Read More

Dates, Drawings, and Deadlines for the DIY Hunt.

This time of the year we are inundated with important dates.  For some, February 14th is one not to forget.  For all of us, April 15th is a must-remember .  While those are certainly important, my most important date (ok, second most important after my anniversary) is the March 15th application deadline for non-resident hunters wishing to hunt the Big Sky Country of Montana.  Every year on Christmas night, when everyone is tucked in bed, I begin my annual preparation for my western hunting trips in the coming fall. You see I am partial to the DIY hunt, meaning where I do all the homework from ...Read More

Midwest Whitetail Shed Hunting

As winter loosens its grip and the snow recedes, signs of a new season begin to appear.   New anticipation that is lined with excitement revives our souls as deer enthusiasts.   Shed hunting is the light at the end of winters tunnel. During the off-season winter months, the bucks we perused, never seen, and even the bucks we didn’t know existed, begin leaving behind a little piece of themselves.   Shed antlers are like our fingerprints, no two are alike and each is unique to a specific animal.   These small treasures are scattered across the vast and varying landscapes that surround us. ...Read More

Ice Out Bluegill

The ice is off the lakes and your ice fishing gear is back in the shed.   There’s no sense in waiting for better days.   Get that boat cleaned off and in the water! Ice out can be one of the best times to target bluegill.   Without the ice darkening their world bluegill begin seeking warm water with bountiful forage. Schools of bluegill will leave their deep water haunts and stage up at the mouths of shallow bays.   On sunny calm days these staging fish will begin to venture into the shallow waters.   The sun is the key element in such scenarios.   Not only do the fish seek the warmth it...Read More

Bears in the Grass

Spring; Glorious SPRING!  It’s a time many Alaskans (or anyone from a northern climate) patiently waits for.  Spring in Alaska means many things to me, as well as other men and women here who, like me, live by hook and bullet. It’s a time to fill the freezer with some of the best Alaska has to offer: Shrimp, halibut, king salmon and black bear meat. Mid-February is when we are first teased as one notices the daylight lingering just a bit more every day (approximately 3-minutes per day in February). March almost always has a week of winter weather that makes one feel like spring may never make ...Read More

Hannah’s First Turkey

Turkey season is almost here and instantly I’m taken back to memories of my first spring turkey hunt. It is something I remember like yesterday, even though it’s been about 20 years since that spring. Now the shoe is on the proverbial “other foot”, and I get to help others on their first turkey hunts. Spring 2016 – Enter Hannah, 12 years old and going on her first hunt with her dad. Actually, her first hunt ever, no pressure here… The drive to the farm was interesting. A poodle name Oliver, my 4 year old daughter, pregnant wife, Hannah, her dad and I all crammed into my truck along with ...Read More

Montana Merriam’s

  A sure sign of spring is the beehive buzzing a little more vigorously in my backyard apiary. The accelerated activity indicates a change in hive temperature. To be more precise, the hive is raising its temperature as the calendar moves to March, from around 85 to 95 degrees. This added heat is necessary for the queen to start laying eggs. 21 days after she lays, the next generation of honey makers & pumpkin pollinators will emerge, possibly on Montana’s opening day of spring turkey season, April 8th. Similar to my bees, turkeys in Montana are also starting to get a little more activ...Read More

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